Heartless Ones


Name Heartless Ones


User(s) Rimuru Tempest
Skill Type Unique
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Gluttonous King Beelzebub
Unique Skill, Heartless Ones [無慈悲なるもの, Mujihinarumono].

Rimuru obtained the skill while he was mercilessly massacring the Farmas Kingdom's army of 15,000 soldiers. Allowing absolutely nobody to escape, even shooting down soldiers that were crawling away and prostrating at the mere sight of him, he truly did appear as a heartless individual.

The skill is only able to be activated when targets’ hearts break. The effect is, to the person who begs for their life, with its ability it will be possible to seize the soul of the person who begs for help. In other words, this ability works against people who lost their fighting spirit, which sends a death sentence to them.

During the Harvest Festival, Great Sage integrated this skill with Unique Skill Gluttony which then evolved into Ultimate Skill Gluttonous King Beelzebub

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