Hakurou (白老ハクロウ Hakurō, lit. "white old man") is a Fair Oni and is a loyal follower of Rimuru Tempest, the King of Tempest.


Hakurou is usually calm. Although he’s at the age to be someone’s grandpa, his spirit is clearly years younger.


Hakurou is a middle-aged man.

Hakurou received a kimono that turned pure white to match his aura.


Hakurou is the descendent of the master swordsman Araki Byakuya.

Hakurou was the Ogre Tribe’s martial instructor, and the strongest swordsman of their royal guard.


Though Hakurou was nameless, he never ventured out into the world, thus he quietly polished his sword skills. He became the strongest swordsman in the Ogre Tribe’s royal guard. He even surpassed tribe’s head, despite being a mixed race.

Hakurou is a master swordsman. Having blemishless strength. He is able to mask his presence, and body temperature. His perception ability accelerated by a thousand times.

Hakurou was granted the title of samurai, by Rimuru. Magical energy escaped from Hakurou’s body, mixed with that of his surrounding, and then reassembled. The amount of energy in his body did not change. However, its quality did. The middle aged oni, was reinvigorated, given him the look of being in the prime of his life.

He uses his sword technique to overwhelming his enemy not his physical abilities.

When sparring again Demon Lord Milim, not even his attacks reach her. However, he can put up a fight, which is impressive in itself.

Divine skill–Mist blade (Kasumi-kiri): Hakurou can move 5 meters in any direction in an instant and quickly dispose of his enemy.

Magic Edit

  • Fighting Spirit

Unique SkillsEdit

  • Martial Artist
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Supreme Acceleration
    • Future Prediction

Extra SkillsEdit

Daily SkillsEdit

  • Magic Perception
  • Majesty
  • Herculean Strength


  • Status Change Resistance
  • Spirit Attack Resistance


Hakurou received a katana shaped like a cane forged by Kurobee.

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