Biographical Information
Name Gregory
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Holy Empire Ruberion
Rank A
Affiliation Western Saints Church

Knights Templar

Post Captain
Debut Information
Manga Debut Chapter 91

Abilities Edit


  • Haou yougekizan (High King Spirit Beheading): Swinging his halberd, he fires a powerful shockwave at the targets. This yougekizan is Gregory’s secret anti-monster certain kill technique. This shock-wave presses on in a straight line as if light itself.
  • Holy Cannon

Relationships Edit

  • Gobuta: Though he had underestimated Gobuta, after avoiding Haou yougekizan he deemed him as a worthy foe. Without losing letting each other gain a single inch, a violent battle erupted between the two.