Greedy King Mammon
強欲之王 (マモン)
Gouyoku no Ou (Mamon)
Name Greedy King Mammon
強欲之王 (マモン)
Gouyoku no Ou (Mamon)
Alternative Names Avarice King Mammon
User(s) Yuuki Kagurazaka
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 132
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Ultimate Skill Greedy King Mammon [強欲之王マモン, Gouyoku no OuMamon]. This ability is part of the demon series of Ultimate Skills.

This Ultimate Skill specializes in depriving. This skill's deprive was not limited to someone’s life. Their life, ability, and even their mind could be stolen. No matter how deeply their loyalty is embedded onto their soul, by re-writing the information in their soul, it’s possible to instill loyalty onto the user.

Effects Edit

  • Overwrite Palm (Mind-steal palm): The soul of opponent can be taken or even their loyalties overwritten.
  • Life draining life-steal palm: The energy of an opponent can be stolen and used by the skill user.
  • Skill theft: even powerful Skills can be taken.

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