Great Sage
Name Great Sage
User(s) Rimuru Tempest
Skill Type Unique
Web Novel Debut Chapter Prologue
Wisdom Lord Raphael

Unique Skill Great Sage (大賢者, Daikenja) is one of the first two Unique Skills (the other being Predator) that Rimuru Tempest (Satoru Mikami) had on being born into his new world.

It had evolved from Unique Skill Sage during his death, as he thought since he was approaching his forties as a virgin, he must be something much greater than a mere wizard.

Description Edit

Great Sage has a heartless and emotionless personality who is solely driven by purely logical computations. It cares absolutely nothing about others but only the benefit of its master, Rimuru.

Great Sage’s appraisal ability increased to appraising simply by looking due to food chain, and Shuna’s skill Analyst.

Battle Mode: By giving permission to Great Sage one can let it control his or her body.

Chronology Edit

Initially, Great Sage could only respond in a fashion where he only asked Satoru [YES/NO] questions about activating his skills. It could not converse further than that.

According to Great Sage, after Satoru's soul had settled in the Slime body, it needed 90 days to "establish" itself. Till then, it was accessing and and usurping the Voice of the World. Thus, for quickly utilizing Satoru's skills, a response function was added, and it could answer to his questions in properly structured sentences.

Normally, a convenient skill that answers any questions doesn't exist. So, to answer his questions, it was trying to find a way to attain that particular function. Although it was finally able to answer questions, it passive and lacked ego. It wouldn't answer unless asked.

After knowing about "Chant Annulment" and "All of Creation", Satoru linked the ability of Predator's "Analysis" and Great Sage's "Parallel Processing" to improve analytical capability. As an experiment, he first tried out the new ability to scan the Hipokte Grass he had been 'eating' for 90 days. Establishing the link made analysis take 1 second and production of restorative items 3 seconds. Without the link, it takes 50 minutes.

Effects Edit

  • Thought: Raises thought processing speed by a thousand times.
  • Analysis and Judgment: The ability to analyze and make judgments regarding a target.
  • Parallel Processing: The ability to detach thoughts and analysis of phenomenon.
  • Chant annulment: When using magic, the chant is no longer necessary.
  • All of Creation: The ability comprehend any non-concealed phenomenon in this world. Depending on the information the user understand and the things the user know about, additional information can be inferred. In other words, the user need to see it (the phenomenon) at least once.

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