The Great Jura Forest Coalition, established by Rimuru Tempest. The coalition was first established as an alliance between Tempest and the Lizardmen, to repel the Orc Army led by the Orc Lord. After their defeat the coalition was not disbanded as Rimuru saw a need to prevent the orc species from starving. Hence, the goblins and orcs joined the coalition. During the first meeting to discuss the war reparations and how to prevent the orcs from starving, the Dryad “Layato” Trainee, who was sent to exterminate the Orc Lord, offered to provide them with the necessary supplies. The condition being that the treants, the dryad’s beneficiaries, be allowed to join.

The Lizardmen offer fertile fishing grounds and fish. Tempest can provide processed goods. In addition, the orcs excel at manual labor.


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