Biographical Information
Name Graneet
Title(s) God of War

Eastern Empire No 3 Royal Knight

Age 1000+
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Rank No.03 Royal Guard
Affiliation Eastern Empire
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 180

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He is very proud and taunts the enemy during battle.

He is confident in his abilities.

He is very loyal to the emperor.

Background Edit

He was one of the original powerful warriors that helped Rudra lay the foundations of the empire and bring forth a millennia of peace. He is considered by the people of the empire to be a Hero. He retired from his public position and took up the post as one of the Emperor's most trusted retainers.

Battle Strengths Edit

His skill with the spear is absolutely unmatched. He is even able to bring a Demon Nobel to his knees with pure skill.

He has a very large aura (haki).

He has a very good battle sense and is able to sense that Zonda's transformation into a spear was very dangerous and attempted to act immediately.

Hagun Gekishin Resshou: His most powerful move and is able to severely injure Veyron even with Zonda's help.

Ability Edit

  • Matter Creation:

Ultimate GiftEdit

Alternative: He is granted additional abilities from the emperor and uses them to fully control his energy.