Gluttonous King Beelzebuth
暴食之王 (ベルゼビュート)
Boushoku no Ou (Beruzebyuuto)
Name Gluttonous King Beelzebuth
暴食之王 (ベルゼビュート)
Boushoku no Ou (Beruzebyuuto)
Alternative Names Gluttonous King Beelzebub
User(s) Rimuru Tempest
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 70
Heartless Ones
Void God Azathoth

Gluttony integrated with Heartless Ones and thus evolved into Ultimate Skill: Gluttonous King Beelzebuth [暴食之王ベルゼビュート, Boushoku no OuBeruzebyuuto].

Translations write the skill as Gluttonous King Beelzebub, but it is actually Beelzebuth. There is a proper reason for differentiating between the two, which is shown in the web novel Chapter 191.



  • Predation: To absorb the target into the body. However, if the target is conscious, the success rate greatly decreases. The affected targets include organic matter, inorganic matter, skills, and magic. Upon mastery of the skill Predator can be activated from any part of the body.
  • Analysis: The absorbed target is studied and analyzed. Craftable items can then be produced. Should many items gather, a duplicate can be produced. In the case of successful skill or magic analysis, the same technique can be acquired.
  • Stomach: The target can be stored. Items produced can also be stored. There is no storage time limit.
  • Mimic: Replicate the target’s appearance. The skills and abilities used by the target can also be used. However, this depends on the successful analysis and acquisition of relative information regarding the target.
  • Segregation
  • Decomposition
  • Supply: Whether a subordinate or not, one can grant an ability unto a monster with whom one has a relationship. Limited by the target’s inherent magical energy.
  • Food Chain: It is possible to acquire skills from one’s subordinates.
  • Soul Eater

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