Biographical Information
Name Gladim
Aliases The Beast King
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Country Eastern Empire
Rank Commander
Affiliation Eastern Empire
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 136 (Mentioned)

Chapter 149 (Actual)

The Corps Commander (Leader) of The Magic Beast Corps.



His personality is similiar with those Mainstream Xianxia and/or Wuxia Villain. since he is overconfident, tend to look down on other people, get mad, Blaming and Cursing his opponent if everything didn't move exactly as he wanted even thought its clearly his own fault.



Ultimate GiftsEdit

Unique Skills Edit

Equipment Edit

A Set of God Grade Weapon and Armor


Gladim:「Die, you filthy Demon!! Ultimate GiftAlternative』 Activate! Take this, the Beast King’s Rage!! Beast King――」 Testarossa: 「Shut it. Your attack name is too long. 」


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