"Barrier Lord" Gerudo ["守征王"バリアロード ゲルド, "Shusei Ou"B a r i a R o o d o Gerudo], is the general of the Yellow Corps, and a former general in the Orc Army.

Personality Edit

Because he had endured the pain and suffering, he became such a rational and dignified monster.

Background Edit

He served the Orc Lord as his chief bodyguard.

Story Edit

He was bestowed the name Gerudo, to incorporate the Orc Lord’s ambition, the one he got from Gelmudo. Given that to the orcs Gelmudo was an important benefactor. He evolved into the Orc King after receiving the name. He began to govern the protection of Tempest.

Abilities Edit

While fighting under the Orc Lord he became B rank monster, and gained quite a lot of magical energy.

After evolving into a high orc, he gained the unique skill Gourmet with abilities Stomach, Supply, and Demand. His magic energy is also pretty high, almost reaching A rank.

He also has the ability to carry things with his stomach.

Ultimate GiftEdit

  • Gourmet King Beelzebub
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Devour
    • Isolate
    • Supply
    • Demand
    • Corrode
    • Iron Wall
    • Grant Defense
    • Cover
    • Space Manipulation
    • Multi-Layered Barrier

Unique SkillsEdit

  • Guardian: (integrated into Gourmet King Beelzebub)
    • Grant Protection
    • Substitution
    • Iron Wall; He can redirect damage to himself thus protecting the army using his own defenses.

Extra SkillsEdit

Daily SkillsEdit

Battle SkillsEdit


  • Pain Nullification
  • Status Change Nullification
  • Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance
  • Holy Magic Attack Resistance
  • Natural Effect Resistance EX