Gazelle Dwargo
Biographical Information
Name Gazelle Dwargo
Blessing Divine Protection of Ancestor
Title(s) King of Armanant Nation Dwargon
Gender Male
Species Dwarf
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Relatives Guran Dwargo (grandfather)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Dwargon
Rank [EP: 136,000]
Debut Information
Manga Debut Chapter 1 (cameo)

Chapter 6 (actual)

The king of Dwargon, Gazelle Dwargo, the third generation king of Dwargon, but possesses a similar aura to that of his grandfather in his younger days. He is renowned as a great hero and celebrated as a wise king for his impartial rule.

Personality Edit

He is a free willed individual with a surprisingly open personality.

He is stubborn and calculating, possessing charisma. In addition, his popularity is high.

Appearance Edit

He has a very dwarf-like, tough looking body, covered in an armor of muscle that hides the surging energy beneath. His skin is tanned brown as characteristical of his race, and his jet black hair is slicked back all the way.

Background Edit

He ruled for many hundreds of years, and had plenty of achievements.

Abilities Edit


  • Illusion Magic


Spirit Possession Edit

With the same face and the same body as Gazelle. A clone of created by the Ghost Researchers. This is a secret shared only between the two him and his trusted confidant the espionage department’s leader. Unlike towards a stranger, the King can perfectly use spirit possession on this spy. In case of some emergency, this was his trump card.

Relationships Edit

Bester Edit

Even at the time of the artificial magic soldier incident, he waited for Bester to confess the truth to him.

Rimuru Tempest

Even though he first expelled Rimuru's group out of his kingdom, they shared a pretty close relationship. He was one of the first to notice Rimuru's potential and helped Tempest to grow to its power.