Gale Gibson
Biographical Information
Name Gale Gibson
Blessing Spirit of Earth
Age 7
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Professional Information
Class Summoned One
Affiliation Freedom Association

Freedom Academy

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 058

Appearance Edit

He has a large build, and is a finely chiseled pretty boy.

Story Edit

Rimuru ate the spirit Gale summoned during the spirit summoning, and transformed it using great sage. The contents were mostly of Earth Attribute Abilities. Furthermore, after analyzing flame giant Ifrit, a pseudo-human personality had been created. Corrective ability from the unique skill great sage has been added. He place his hand on Gale’s head and grant him the power. Through this, the contract with the spirit was completed within a single moment. After analyzing Gale’s condition he confirmed that the rampaging magical energy was now at peace. Of course, his aggregate energy was still far higher than that of normal children. That is the result of spiritual energy and magical energy offsetting each other. Now, as he continues to grow he will be able to acquire many abilities.

Abilities Edit


  • Earth Attribute Ability