Biographical Information
Name Gadra
Title(s) Imperial Court Magician
Gender Male
Species Human
Professional Information
Country The Eastern Empire (formerly)

Defected to Tempest

Class Magician
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 148



He has been described by Rimuru as a born egotist and that he have no relation to things like loyalty


He have reincarnated many times so he could master the grand magic every time he reincarnated would read treasured of books of each royal palace Library and build up his knowledge

He participated in the previous Veldora subjugation and was killed

Before taking part in the subjugation he did a resurrection ritual

Defected to Tempest given the guest treatment

Gadra ended up as the new guardian of the 60th floor and become a hidden boss besides the Demon Golem

Relationship Edit


  • Magic

Ultimate GiftEdit


  • A "roushi" means "old master", "old teacher" or "sage".
  • He is a Reincarnator
  • Defected to Tempest