Biographical Information
Name Frey
Aliases The Harpy Queen

Sky Queen

Title(s) Queen

Demon Lord (Waiver)

Gender Female
Species Harpy
Status Alive
Professional Information
Debut Information
"The Harpy Queen", Frey is a former member of Demon Lords and currently is a subordinate of Demon Lord Milim Nava


She has the appearance of an harpy.She has wings in place of arms and talons instead of feet.


Frey is careful and cunning.

Chronology Edit

Relationships Edit

Milim Nava: Frey cannot work against Milim. Though they were both Demon Lords, there is a clear difference in power. Also being a dragonoid Milim's flight cannot be canceled out using magic jamming. Truly her natural enemy. Hence, she became Milim’s follower. After her expulsion she officially became Milim's direct subordinate.