The Freedom Association’s headquarters is located in the Ingracia Kingdom, royal capital. The Freedom Association’s headquarters is located in this country, which is blessed with safety and has advanced transportation networks.

It’s a pretty large gaudy building, that can be seen from far away. The entryway to the association is covered in glass. The doors opened by themselves, using a sensor that detects human presence and opens the door, however, only adventurers of B rank and above can enter. The entrance scans your guild card, so people without a proper identification cannot enter. Those below B rank, C+ and below, have to use the building near the entrance to the city.

Even though the library is located in the Royal Capital, it is not the Royal Library, which is located inside the castle. As those are in royal family’s possession, only court magicians can access it.

There is a restriction to enter the room with magic books. When one presents their adventurer identification card, one can enter the room without any problems. This library exhibits the secret arts that the adventurers had collected. The ancient magic that the adventurers found is also collected in this place. It can be said, that it is possible that this library has a worth that is equal to the other countries’ royal library.

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