Brumund BranchEdit


It is located at the end of the road leading out of the commercial district where the magic store is. It is a stately building made of stone, and is 5 stories high.

They regulate the temperature, keeping the temperature constant with magic.

All in all, there are three counters separated from each other. There is a desk like one you’d see at an airport, where you surrender your baggage, with a plate that reads “Sales Counter.” A counter for visitors and other general users. And a counter specific for adventurers. The room is separated into these three sectors. The sales counter is exactly what it sounds like, items that you found or went to obtain on request are brought over here. The general counter is used by beginners and Freedom Association members who live in the city. That’s where you go to register or retire from the guild. The adventurer’s counter can only be used by authorized adventurers. There is a room in the back that is guarded by two soldiers. In the middle of the room is a magic circle, that allows travel both ways. It can be used to travel up to the fourth floor; the fifth floor, however, is accessible via a different magic circle. This is to prevent infiltration from spies and such. Hence, there are no windows passed the fourth floor, to prevent break-ins. The magic circle to the fifth floor lies directly beyond the guild master’s room.