Fanged Wolf Clan, the former ruler of the eastern plains, are a group of C rank monsters.

Appearance Edit

The Fanged Wolves, have olive brown fur.

History Edit

They were the main problem of the common traders in the various areas like the Eastern Empire and Jura Forest in the east.

Studying the skirmish battles of the Empire, you will also learn the real deep meaning of it. If it was a matter where a small scale merchant can get involved, the empire wouldn’t even put effort to it.

However, one time the East Plains were invaded, and the Empire bore its fangs. Once, a faux pas was conducted in order to hide the stupid risk of compatriot violations. As for the Fanged Wolf Clan they do not need to procure any food. They attack and eat humans as the standard cognition of a snack. Because humans aren’t comprised of Demon Essence. For the Fanged Wolf Clan food is absorption of Demon Essence.

Attacking stronger demons, killing abundant humans, would make them “Disaster” Class granting evolution. The Empire was too powerful for the Fanged Wolf Clan. They thought by continuing to attack merchants, they would attain “Disaster” Class and evolution.

In addition, they've thwarted the Lizardmen’s advances many times.

When the clan attacked the goblins, many were killed and the boss was defeated by Rimuru. The clan then choose to follow Rimuru.

When Rimuru gave Ranga a name it triggered a piece of Demon Essence, but given that the Fanged Wolf Clan is “All for One.” Therefore, his title became the clan’s title. Hence, the entire clan evolved, and the Fanged Wolf Clan became the Storm Fanged Wolf Clan.

Abilities Edit

Each was befitting of C rank, even a veteran adventurer that had been caught off guard would be mauled to death. However, the true threat was that they acted as a pack.

With a capable boss’s command, the Fanged Wolf Clan’s true value manifested. While in a group, they are all alike, so a thread of disarray in behaviour was impossible. Then that pack’s assessment is worthy of B rank.

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