Extinction King Abaddon
死滅之王 (アバドン)
Shimetsu no Ou (Abadon)
Name Extinction King Abaddon
死滅之王 (アバドン)
Shimetsu no Ou (Abadon)
User(s) Carrera
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 179
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Ultimate Skill Extinction King Abaddon [死滅之王アバドン, Shimetsu no OuAbadon] is the skill obtained by Carrera after she awakened as a True Demon Lord.

Similar to her colleagues Testarossa and Ultima, she quickly mastered this skill during her battle against Tatsuya Kondou.

After Tatsuya's defeat, she obtained Ultimate Skill Sandalphon the Executioner which was integrated into Extinction King Abbadon almost immediately by Wisdom King Raphael's aid.


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