The following is a table of strengths.

Demons cannot evolve beyond an Arch Demon with out being named. This causes there to be some extremely powerful Arch Demons that surpass some of the weaker Demon Nobles.

Monsters Beyond Rank Special S will evolve into Spirit Monsters.

Corporeal Non-Corporeal
Human Monster Devil Spirit Demon Angel
Rank F Rank F
Rank E Rank E
Rank D Rank D
Rank C- Rank C-
Rank C Rank C
Rank C+ Rank C+
Rank B- Rank B-
Rank B Rank B Lesser Demon
Rank B+ Rank B+ Angel
Rank A- Rank A- Greater Demon
Rank A Rank A
Rank A+ Rank A+

Rank S

Arch Demon

Demon Noble - Knight

Human Sage Rank Special S Middle Tier Divine

Monster Spirit

Upper Tier Divine

Monster Spirit

Demon Noble
  • Baron
  • Viscount
  • Earl
  • Marquee
Human Saint Demon Noble - Duke

True Demon Lord


Fallen angel

Human Hero Highest Tier Divine

Monster Spirit

Highest Tier Demonic Spirit

(Demon God)

Great Demon Lord

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