Name Enchanter
User(s) Diablo
Skill Type Unique
Web Novel Debut Chapter 74
Temptation King Azazel
This skill can be called Unique Skill Enchanter, Tempter or Seducer

The ability to control the life and death of the opponent based on their mental strength. The ability of his unique skill “Seducer”, is absolute when activated within the world of illusions. And, “Inversion of truth and fallacy”, the ability to interchange reality and illusions. The embodiment of illusions became reality in the material world. Only by training your spirit could you overcome this ability.

Effects Edit

  • Fascination
  • Seduction


  • Paradise Time: materialize of a world in which time has stops and only the opponents are conscious.
  • World’s end: collapse of the world created with the skill Paradise Time. The opponents consciousness gets caught up in the collapse and disintegrates. The opponents perishes in the real world as well. All mental damage is converted into physical damage,

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