Elumeshia Elure Sarion
Biographical Information
Name Elumeshia Elure Sarion
Title(s) Empress
Gender Female
Species Elf
Relatives Elalude (Uncle-in-Law)

Elyune (Cousin-in-Law)

Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Sorcery Dynasty of Sarion
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 98
Empress Elumeshia Elure Sarion

Personality Edit

The empress hates to have people learn things before her.

She seems to be a tsundere. The empress doesn't give out her true opionion and most of the time she talks, she ends up messing a part up.

Appearance Edit

She has a beautiful feminine face, and since she has elf blood flowing through her veins she doesn’t age. She has the body of a girl who has just reached adulthood. With skin as white as fresh snow. She has long pointed ears, slanted, jade eyes, and, long pale blue silver hair, that falls gently over her cheeks.

Trivia Edit

  • Asking the empress how old she is, is considered a taboo.

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