Biographical Information
Name Edomalis
Aliases Marius
Title(s) King (Formerly)
Gender Male
Species Human
Relatives Edgar (Son)
Status Dead
Professional Information
Country Farmenas Kingdom

Farmas Kingdom (Formerly)

Debut Information
Edomalis, the former king of the Farmas Kingdom.

Personality Edit

King Edomalis can be considered a greedy person, but not to such extent into avarice. Moreover he is not a foolish king and his eyes can see what lie ahead.


Rimuru inflicted the maximum amount of pain, but not enough to make him go mad. His arm and leg that was torn off would grow again, and the cycle repeats. That torn off arm and leg would be used in Shion’s cooking, and then it would be fed to the king. He was then released from being a prisoner after 7 days, this was performed after Shion’s revival. He was only released after the resentment of being killed had sufficiently calmed down. His mind was supported with his skill, so he wouldn’t go mad.

King Edomalis, was set to be executed at the time of his abdication. Howeve, King Edomalis’s execution was faked and he took on the alias of Marius, Youmu’s right-hand man.