Biographical Information
Name Layato
Aliases Dryad “Layato” Trainee
Gender Female
Species Dryad
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Rank A
Affiliation Rimuru Tempest


Debut Information

Appearance Edit

She is a beautiful girl, that appears to be about 16-18 years old, with green hair. Her skin was white with well defined facial features. Plump lips, and blue eyes that suit her well.

Her body appeared thinner during her second appearance.

Story Edit

She was sent out to exterminate the Orc Lord. Upon her arrival she saw that he had already been defeated. She was planning to leave, but came across the Great Jura Forest Coalition discussing how to prevent the orcs’ starvation. She agreed to supply the orcs under the condition that the dryad’s beneficiaries, the treants, were allowed to join the coalition.

She honestly believes the words of strangers. Since she hasn’t met that many, she doesn’t doubt them.

Abilities Edit

She has the ability to manipulate the magic power of nature.

She has a teleportation skill, that looks like Spatial Travel, its invocation is quick.

Relationships Edit

  • Ramiris: She was always waiting for Ramiris to reincarnate. And was not aware of never think that the Fairy Queen had become one of the Demon Lords, until being informed by Rimuru. She then became her subordinate.

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