Although they have been born from magical energy, they are generally beasts and magical beasts who have evolved beyond themselves. Reproductive capabilities and true intelligence are considered their special features. Most of all, these tend to vary as individuals.

Devils are a disorganized and diverse bunch. The include, Giants, Vampires, etc. and have long life spans. Although they can reproduce, they normally abstain. Hosting overwhelming magical energy, their flesh never decays.

Trivia Edit

  • Demon Race is Being who compatible with Darkness or Demonic Atribute the example for this is Demon and Devil.
  • Demon is pure Darkness Spiritual life form that has strong mind and ego unlike Human and most other spirit.
  • Devil is Demi Human or Magic Beast who strong enough to evolve themself into Demon Race.
  • Most Devil doesn't have Spiritual Body while Most Demon doesn't have Physical Body.

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