Demon Slime
魔粘性精神体 (デモン・スライム)
Manensei Seishintai (Demon Suraimu)
Rimuru Tempest Main
Species Demon Slime
魔粘性精神体 (デモン・スライム)
Manensei Seishintai (Demon Suraimu)
Rank SS [EP: 4,000,000+]
Web Novel Debut 70
Ultimate Slime
Demon Slime [魔粘性精神体デモン・スライム, Manensei SeishintaiD e m o n S u r a i m u] is Rimuru Tempest's second stage of evilution as a Slime.

He evolved to this stage after awakening as a True Demon Lord during the Harvest Festival.

As a result of his evolution, all of his parameters had been greatly increased and he gained the ability to freely change between material and spiritual bodies. His magic capacity had been increased to 10 times its original amount.

Furthermore, with regard to acquired resistances, new ones were added.

Although the energy amount is around 4.000.000, much of this energy is spent on uptake for materializing Veldora.

Physical Description Edit

In the true Slime form, the Demon Slime retains the same basic shape as it did previously. Visually, it is quite a bit darker, with swirling colors of red, blue, purple, yellow and a variety of blacks and whites.

In his human form, the appearance is supposedly so stunning that "It was tragic that this being has no gender."


  • Decomposition
  • Absorption
  • Endless Regeneration


  • Physical Attack Nullification
  • Natural Effects Nullification
  • Status Change Nullification
  • Spiritual Attack Resistance
  • Holy Magic Resistance

Daily skillsEdit

  • Magic Perception
  • Heat Detection
  • Super Olfaction
  • Auditory Perception
  • Demon Lord’s Ambition

Members Edit