Demon Nobles
悪魔公 (デーモンロード)
Akuma Ooyake (Deemon Roodo)
Species Demon Nobles
悪魔公 (デーモンロード)
Akuma Ooyake (Deemon Roodo)
Alternative Names Demon Officials, Demon Nobles, Demon Dukes
Rank A+
Arch Demon
Demon King

The difference between a Demon Noble [悪魔公デーモンロード, Akuma OoyakeDeemon-Roodo] and a self-proclamed Demon Lord is slight and is ranked higher than a self-proclaimed Demon Lord. So far, the only ones to evolve into Demon Nobles are named Arch Demons.

According to the existing records of Demonology from the Human Realms (Holy Empire Ruberius), a Demon Duke is a legendary existence. There has been no other Demon Duke summoning previously documented.

Demon Aristocracy (Class) Edit

Within the Demon Noble species there are a variety of classes that further subdivide their strengths. Their rankings are:

  1. Duke: EP: 400.000+
  2. Marquis: EP: 350.000+
  3. Earl / Count: EP: 300.000+
  4. Viscount: EP: 250.000+
  5. Baron: EP: 200.000+
  6. Knight / Chevalier: Surpass Devil, Arch Demon and could 1-hit-kill Greater Demon, the lowest of the Aristocracy.

Known Individuals Edit

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