Demon Lord
Species Demon Lord
Alternative Names Devil Lord
True Demon Lord

Demon Lord [魔王, Maou] is title and status is given when a being (Monster, Demi-Human, Human) who has an extremely high strength and develops the demon lord seed. This is not to be confused with the Ten Demon Lords or the Eight Star Demon Lords, which is an organization.

Beings that have great strength can also be said to have Demon Lord strength. The self proclaimed Demon Lords can be categorized as such. However, this does not grantee that they have a demon lord seed or that they will be able to sprout the seed.

The Demon Lord class individuals may also have the actual Rank of Demon Duke. Demon Dukes can directly evolve into True Demon Lords.

Known Individuals Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Demon Lord Class Individual is a being which Magic Amount Has reached beyond EP:200.000 : Examples for this are Clayman , Orc Disaster Gelmudo , Zonda and Cien.
  • Most of the self proclaimed Demon Lords came from Demon Lord Class Individual Level and Demon Duke Class but the main difference is that the Individual itself will declare itself as Demon Lord while in truth they are not acknowledged by The Eight Star Demon Lords :Examples for this are Orc Disaster Gelmudo and BernaClad.
  • Demon Duke Class Individuals are demons wich Magic Amount have reached beyond EP:400.000 : Example for this is Moss.
  • According to Calgurio, Demon Dukes have more Magic Amount than Dragons and Young Dragons thus it means Dragons and Young Dragons Have Magic Amount less than EP:200.000.
  • Demon Baron Class Individual is a Demon which Magic Amount has reached EP:200.000 : Examples for this are Zonda and Cien.
  • True Demon Lord Class Individual is a Being wihch has sprouted the Demon Lord Seed by collecting vast amounts of Souls , enter The Harvest Festival and Personal Transformation after they finished the evolution their Magic Amount will raise into more than EP:1.000.000 and obtain Ultimate Skill : Example for this is Rimuru Tempest.
  • According to Milim, Rimuru already was at Demon Lord Class Individual at the first time they encountered, thus it mean Rimuru has more than EP:200.000.
  • According to Guy Crimson, Shion, at the time she attended Walpurgis Banquet, already reached Demon Lord Class individual with her Magic Amount EP:224.000.
  • According to Rimuru, Clayman has a lesser Magic Amount than Shion at Walpurgis Banquet but at the same time he is still a Demon Lord Class Individual.
  • According to Wisdom Lord Raphael after Rimuru evolved into True Demon Lord he have obtained 4 Ultimate Skills and his Magic Amount has raise into ten times of his original amount, thus it means he has more than EP:2.000.000.
  • According to Wisdom Lord Raphael after Rimuru evolved into Ultimate Slime his Magic Amount greatly Increased beyond True Dragons, thus it mean True Dragon Beings have more than EP:2.000.000.
  • Most Human think a Demon Lord is only at The Demon Lord Class Individual Level EP:200.000. This probably because most of all Self Proclaimed Demon Lord come from Demon Lord Class Individual thus most Human with combat ability at A Rank tend to Look down on Demon Lords.
  • Knights Templar can't defeat Demon Lord Class Individuals without the use of Legend Grade Equipment.

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