Species Demon
Alternative Names Devil
Rank Demon God
Demon King
Demon Noble
Greater Demon
Lesser Demon
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Demons (or Devils) [悪魔, Akuma] are existences like spirits or angels. They received power from the spirit of Darkness and specialized in demonic attributes. When they do not have a body they exist in the Underworld (Hell) where most wander aimlessly. Also the majority of the Demons do not have names or any sort of attachment to themselves. There are a few exceptions which include those that have developed an ego after being summoned several times and having contact with the world.  

Demons will fight constantly by shooting energy at each other. As they fight more they will evolve and get stronger. They can also gain Unique Skills.  

However it takes a very long time of constant fighting to evolve even from a lesser demon to a greater demon. Making those of even higher ranking even more rare.  

Summoning Edit

It means to be summoned from the Underworld (spirit world) to the material world. There a temporary body could be obtained and the pleasures of the surface could be experienced (smell, touch and taste).

A summoned demon without an ego would be affected by the personality of the summoning master. Depending on the summoners request the Demon could receive a lump of information called a Soul and with enough souls collected the Demon could evolve into a higher being.

Summoning chooses the appropriate demon(s) with the appropriate rank for the tasks. All of this occures naturally.

Once in the material world first an Ego arises. Each summoner provides more information to the demon allowing them to become more powerful with each summoning.

Other Information Edit

To stay in this world a Demon needs a body; animals and monsters are often used to that end.  

Demons are being which are generally summoned into this world as spirit being that need to occupy a body in order to remain.  

However it is possible for monsters (Demi Human and Magic Beast) to evolve into Demons given that they are strong enough and have had enough time to evolve.  

Demons are often referred to as Devils.  

Types of Demons Edit

Demons can refer to one of two things.

Race Edit

This refers to the demonic spirits that are born as balls of pure energy (and also what this article is mainly about).

Their hierarchy, from strongest to weakest, is as follows:

  1. Demon God (Highest tier Demonic Spirit)
  2. Demon King:
  3. Demon Noble: Demon whose Magic Amount is Above EP: 200.000. There are further ranks among Demon Nobles:
    1. Duke: EP: 400.000+
    2. Marquis: EP: 350.000+
    3. Earl / Count: EP: 300.000+
    4. Viscount: EP: 250.000+
    5. Baron: EP: 200.000+
    6. Knight / Chevalier: Surpasses Demon, Arch Demon and could 1-hit-kill Greater Demon, the lowest of the Aristocracy.
  4. Arch Demon: Demon whose Magic Amount is between EP: 140.000~200.000. Also, this is the highest stage to which the demon evolution is locked, unless a demonic being (Guy Crimson) is able to gather all of the Sin Series Ultimate Skills.
  5. Greater Demon: Demon whose Magic Amount is between EP: 8.000~140.000
  6. Lesser Demon: Demon whose Magic Amount is between EP: 5.000~8.000

Title Edit

A demon 'title' refers to anybody with great strength and notoriety. Such is the title of a Demon Lord. The hierarchy, from highest to lowest, is as follows:

  • Great Demon Lord: A being known to have multiple True Demon Lords or Demon Lord class beings as their subordinates. A clear difference in standpoints.
  • True Demon Lord: Just like the name suggests, they are the individuals that have sprouted their Demon Lord's Seed and thus, have been approved of by the Voice of the World to be titled 'Demon Lord' in it's truest sense. Their strength are in a completely different caliber compared to the 'self proclaimed' Demon Lords.
  • Demon Lord: This refers to any species possessing fearful might and notoriety. They do not possess or have not yet sprouted their Demon Lord's Seed. As such, some are also called 'self proclaimed' Demon Lords.

Trivia Edit

  • Demon Race is Being who compatible with Darkness or Demonic Atribute the example for this is Demon and Devil.
  • Demon is pure Darkness Spiritual life form that has strong mind and ego unlike Human and most other spirit.
  • Devil is Demi Human or Magic Beast who strong enough to evolve themself into Demon Race.
  • Most Devil doesn't have Spiritual Body while Most Demon doesn't have Physical Body.
  • The main Reason Demon become incarnation of evil is because they was summoned by Human since Lesser Demon especially the one without ego, once they was summoned they will receive magic and information about Physical world from Summoner and inherited the Summoner's personality.

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