Biographical Information
Name Dagrule
Aliases Continent's Wrath
Gender Male
Species Giant
Hair Color Chestnut
Height 2 meters
Relatives Brother Grasword

Brother Fenn

Son Dagura

Son Ryura

Son Debura

Status Alive
Professional Information
Rank S
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 78

"Continent's Wrath" Dagrule is one of the Eight Star Demon Lords and Dino's close friend,

Personality Edit

He is normally a gentle man he finds the title of “Continent's Wrath” unpleasant, but when angered he truly can’t stop his hand.

When he was young, he was rash, looked down on everything, and believed that a being stronger than him didn’t exist.

Appearance Edit

A huge, sturdy man, with chestnut hair. His height surpasses 2 meters in height, but when he goes all out, his body grows five times as large, up to a 10 meter tall giant.


Dagrule was the protector of Heaven’s Gates.

He later became apart of the second generation of demon lords. Dagrule, due to the holy power ingrained into his body, rejected the Demon Lord Seed. But, due to the many wars, the demon lords started to eliminate the giants and the fairies, he awakened as a true demon lord. Even so, he has yet to acquire an Ultimate Skill that Guy and Milim possess.

Abilities Edit

As a Giant whose power increases due to anger, he doesn’t release that much aura. In fact, usually his aura is that of a normal human.

He can hide or conceal his presence to those who are weaker or not very good at sensing one presences


  • Hardened Defense
  • Weapon Destruction
  • Existence Destruction
  • Magic Immunity
  • Neutralize Attribute
  • Ignore Defense

Relationships Edit