Covenant King Uriel
誓約之王 (ウリエル)
Seiyaku no Ou (Urieru)
Name Covenant King Uriel
誓約之王 (ウリエル)
Seiyaku no Ou (Urieru)
User(s) Rimuru Tempest
Star King Dragon Veldanava
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 74
Infinite Prison
Harvest King Shub-Niggurath

The evolved form of the unique skill Infinite Prison, Ultimate Skill: Covenant King Uriel [誓約之王 (ウリエル), Seiyaku no Ou (Urieru)].

A skill created by combining every skill offered to Rimuru by his followers after the Harvest Festival via food chain. Raphael selectively eliminated some through combining and strengthening others. It is the crystallized form of his believers’ loyalty. It causes Rimuru to feel an overwhelming sense of safety, as proof of his bonds with his comrades.


  • Spacial Domination: The ability to to manipulate space and time to appear at a recognized coordinate. Movement Ability. Spacial Domination allows him to transfer somewhere in a single moment.
  • Defense Barrier: The ability to create a multi-layered defense, and distort space in order to create absolute defense. Defense Barrier now covers his body. His interference is unnecessary, Raphael has it completely under control.
  • Infinite Prison: The ability to completely seal the target with the ultimate seal. Infinite Prison can activate according to Rimuru’s will. It is the same barrier that trapped Veldora. In other words, those he captures can never get out. It is a technique that turns the interior into an "imaginary space", thus rendering the use of most Skills uselss for those captured inside, while also acting as a near impervious defense. It is impossible to cause damage to the interior without a specific Unique or Ultimate Skill because the interior itself is "imaginary".
  • Secluded Space: The ability to control heat by manipulating inertia. It is now possible to release and absorb heat at will. Without wasting the released heat, he can preserve the state of an isolated space.

Upon acquiring this skill, relevant inferior extra skills were removed.

The holy attribute can pierce through Covenant King Uriel’s Absolute Defense. After Eating Sakaguchi Hinata's Melt Slash with Gluttonous King Beelzebub on chapter 94, the Holy attribute was analyzed and can now be defended with no problem.

Trivia Edit

  • Uriel is the name of the angel of judgement