Chloe O’Bell
Kuroe O Beru
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Biographical Information
Name Chloe O’Bell
Kuroe O Beru
Blessing Divine Protection of Spirit of Time
Title(s) Demi God
True Hero (former)
The Nameless Hero
Jet Black Hero
Age 8
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Silver
Eye Color Dark Blue
Status Alive
Professional Information
Class Summoned One
Affiliation Freedom Association
Freedom Academy
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 58
Chloe O'Bell [クロエ・オ・ベル, Kuroe O Beru] is one of the key characters in Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken.

Background Edit

She is Leon Cromwell's childhood friend and both of them were caught in the accidental occurrence of a dimensional distortion. She was summoned by Kagurazaka Yuuki, interfering with Chloe's arrival in the world which was supposed to be at the same time as Leon.

Story Edit

During the spirit summoning, when Chloe began to pray at the altar a Celestial Maiden (Chloe from an alternate timeline) fell from the sky. At that rate, she would dissipate. To prevent her dissipation, she either needed something to bind her soul, or to reincarnate into a body. Without a body, they’d need to create some system for keeping her here. Which isn’t simple even for a high level spirit.

She suddenly saw Rimuru and grabbed on to him. And locked her lips around his. Unfortunately, as a ghost, she had no texture. The celestial maiden, with a look full of disappointment, moved to touch Chloe. Ramiris tried to stop her, a black light covered her hands which she shot out at Chloe. Rimuru jumped in front of Chloe to protect her, and it absorbed into his body.

While Rimuru and Ramiris were busy arguing, the celestial maiden overlapped with Chloe and disappeared.

Abilities Edit

She is a master swordsman. Chloe’s swordsmanship has reached the peak, she is very formidable. her skill is beyond that of Albert and Agera. when she combines her swordsmanship and her time stopping ability (from Ultimate Skills Space-Time King Yog Sothoth) she could easily become one of the strongest on par with Rimuru Tempest and Guy Crimson.

Ultimate Skills Edit

Unique SkillsEdit

Former Unique Skills Edit

 *Usurper: received from Sakaguchi Hinata

  • Time Travel: the power to do a limited leap to the past. It’s a one way trip, and the conditions to use this ability are complicated and its use is limited
  • Absolute Defense

Relationships Edit

  • Leon Cromwell: He is her childhood friend
  • Rimuru Tempest: Chloe was one of his students. Even though in the beginning she was wary of him, little by little she started to respect him as her Sensei and regards him highly to the point that she said that Rimuru is the key to change the future. And among the children, Chloe was the one with the most affection towards Rimuru.

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