Charity King Raguel
救恤之王 (ラグエル)
Kyuushutsu no Ou (Ragueru)
Name Charity King Raguel
救恤之王 (ラグエル)
Kyuushutsu no Ou (Ragueru)
User(s) Velgrynd
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 172
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Flame God Cthugha

The Ultimate Skill Charity King Raguel [救恤之王ラグエル, Kyuushutsu no OuR a g u e r u] is the skill in possession of Scorch Dragon Velgrynd.

Later Evolved into Flame God Cthugha.


Acceleration is Raguel's essence, which speeds things up. Opposite to Fixation, which stops things.


  • Burning Breath: A single thin beam of concentrated light, a super high speed Breath Attack. (Heat)
  • Flame Cage: Multiple Burning Breaths are released simultaneously from above forming multiple columns of flame reaching from the heavens to the earth.
  • Burning Embrace: Water droplets in the air are heated to extremely high temperatures using Charity King Raguel and are moved to surround the target.
  • Cardinal Cage: It causes the target to be heated up and potentially burned into nothingness.
  • Cardinal Acceleration: Applying her ultimate skill Charity King Raguel to herself she can forcefully increase her own momentum to further increase her speed and combined with the essence of heat she is able to release a roar that generates waves of destruction. Their speed are such that they are impossible to evade, and their strength is such that they are impossible to block.

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