Name Cerberus
Leader Yuuki Kagurazaka
General Content works are illegal.
Captain Damrada, Vega, Miranda
Affiliation Brumund
Eastern Empire
Status Extinct

Secret society Organization, Cerberus [ケルベロス, Keruberosu].

The jobs performed by Cerberus are always backed by nobles or major powers, it is certainly not some simple thing you’d be able to find in a backstreet it have major power over the black market

From simplicity to complexity, Cerberus is an organization that actually has a fine set of rules.

Background Edit

The three heads of the Cerberus association are known as [Wealth], [Women], and [Power].

The individuals who govern these three aspects of life are called ‘The Big Three’.

It Has had negotiations with a demon lord in it past and present

A large organization, the counterpart of the Freedom Association a Secret Organization From legal work to illegal ones They would undertake any job of any form so long as it held benefits to The organization

even though they cannot be compared to the Freedom Association in terms of size, they still have a large amount of influence. They are a large association that controls a large amount of wealth it would be difficult with a single country to challenge their influence

With few exceptions they will not engaged In such as Slavery even amongst Cerberus human slavery was still outright illegal.

Chronology Edit

First mentioned Chapter 103: Monster Slave

Principles Edit

Strength Edit

Even if they are small in number, they have almost a majority of the wealth and have great influence over the world.

Known Members Edit

Bosses of Cerberus

Damrada "Wealth"

Vega the boss that symbolized the “Power” of Cerberus.

Miranda The “Woman”, who governed over beauty She looked like a young girl, but also like a mature woman. She is a woman who emitted a bewitching charm.

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