Cabal's Party
P 345
Name Cabal's Party
Leader Cabal
Troops 3
Country Brumund
Affiliation Freedom Association
Status Defunct
They are B rank adventurers.

History Edit

They were ordered to inspect the cave where Veldora was sealed.

They were assaulted by a group of giant ants, and were saved by Rigur’s defense squad, who then took charge of their protection.


Temporary MembersEdit


Although they are only rank B, their teamwork is first class. There is no waste in their movement.

The party has a high survival rate and high information gathering capabilities. Rather than during subjugation, if they are sent to collect information while avoiding battle, their abilities surpasses those of other rank B Adventurers.

「Wha, what’s this……you three are terrible, you should have given me a shout out if you came back!」 「Oh come on, I may look all rundown and tattered now, but it’s me biddo! I was receiving guidance from you in the capital after picking a fight, it’s me biddo!」 Well that was unexpected. This group of 3 (idiots), are unexpectedly famous. They seem acquainted with the fraud to a certain degree, but the other people seem to respect the three. It’s rather strange that they don’t seem all that happy even though they’re being respected. But, the biggest surprise to me was the fact these 3 are actually famous adventurers. They are mainly famous for their sudden rise in prominence recently. ……Even so, it’s because they have brought along monsters from my town with them during missions, that’s why they were able to perform so significantly well