Blood Shadows
[[Blood Shadows|250x250px]]
Name Blood Shadows
Leader Hinata Sakaguchi
Captain Hinata Sakaguchi
Country Holy Kingdom Ruberion
Affiliation Western Saints Church
Specialty Demon Subjugation
Status Defunct

The Blood Shadows [ブラッドシャドー, BuraddoShadoo] are notorious murderers who handled the dirty work of the church. They were men whose skills in fighting against monsters was top notch. They served Sakaguchi Hinata.

Hinata hated them, but even if they were treated like worms, this made them feel gratitude instead of anger. It’s because they were attracted by her overwhelming cold-heartedness and her strength, that they pledged loyalty to her out of fear.

Abilities Edit

They pride themselves on their leg strength, trained for the sole purpose of slaying monsters.

They were strong individuals themselves. And in terms of battle prowess, each one could rival even a holy knight. However even in a group, they were no match for Hinata. This had created absolute horror within them.

Trivia Edit

  • In Light Novel Version The Blood Shadow who Massacre Tempest Citizen including Shion is Otherworlder people and those three are no match against Benimaru, Hakurou, Gerudo before they receive Rimuru's blessing from his Ascension as True Demon Lord and they was killed before Rimuru even know about it while in Web Novel Version they manage to retreat, reinvade again with Farmas Army and was tortured and turned into Undead and send as Messenger to Hinata.

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