Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu
陽炎之王 (アマテラス)
Kagerou no Ou (Amaterasu)
Name Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu
陽炎之王 (アマテラス)
Kagerou no Ou (Amaterasu)
User(s) Benimaru
Skill Type Ultimate Skill
Web Novel Debut Chapter 191
Great General

Ultimate Skill Blazing Sun Lord Amaterasu [陽炎之王アマテラス, Kagerou no OuA m a t e r a s u] is the skill Benimaru obtains after his awakening as a True Demon Lord and Rimuru's ascent to a Great Demon Lord.

Ciel used Velgrynd's abilities as a basis for its upgrade from Great General.


A Skill that Benimaru created with the help of Ciel, it possesses attributes inherited from Rimuru and Veldora, in other words the Nullity attribute. It possesses the ability of nonexistence and destruction, turning his strongest attacks into attacks that destroys energy and the soul itself. One such example is Prominence Flare.


  • Thought acceleration
  • Unifying Command
  • Light & Heat Control
  • Space Manipulation
  • Multi-Layered Barrier


  • Prominence Acceleration: A degraded version of 'Cardinal Acceleration' used by Velgrynd's Charity King Raguel. It forcefully increases the momentum of the user and his/her attack to unleash a destructive blast that almost cannot be avoided.

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