Is a composite skill combining Area Boundary, Flame Manipulation, and Black Lightning.

Black Flame Manipulation
Name Black Flame Manipulation
User(s) Benimaru
Skill Type Composite Skill
Element Fire, Lightning, Space
Web Novel Debut Ch 38
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First, the space is secured with [Area Boundary], He accelerate the molecular motion inside with [Fire Manipulation]. So it will produce a high temperature. Finally, the magical power inside the space acts as fuel, and the [Black Lighting] will turn it into Plasma that would burn whatever is inside it.

The skill will not damage anything outside of its radius. No shockwave is generated.

Applications Edit

Benimaru uses it to create a sphere one meter in diameter that can fly around at 600 kph and incinerate anything it touches.

He can expand it to 100m diameter dome that he called Hell Flare.

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