Biographical Information
Name Bester
Title(s) Marquis
Gender Male
Species Dwarf
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Dwargon
Class Researcher
Rank Minster (Formerly)
Debut Information
Bester, former minister of Dwargon and is currently the lead researcher of Tempest.

Personality Edit

After joining Tempest he has become more reliable. He got rid of that sharp personality and mellowed out.

Bester is an unexpectedly useful dwarf. Rather than politics, he is made for science. He was very boring when he was obsessed with political power.

Appearance Edit

Unusually for a dwarf, Bester is of a slender build, and rather tall, but around the height of a normal human.

Background Edit

Bester is descended from the family of a marquis.

Story Edit

Bester was exiled. However, Gazelle couldn’t have him lead a carefree life. So he was brought to Tempest as a researcher.

He and Gabil are rather compatible Because of that he was allowed to reside in the Cave of the Seal. The cave happened to be the perfect atmosphere for science experiments. Gabil assigned two of his subordinates to guard Bester. Later, he joined with Ramiris in her labyrinth to conduct research.

Abilities Edit

He has indulged in sorcery, however, according to Kaijin he in not to good at it.

Relationships Edit

  • Kaijin: For Bester who was a noble, it was humiliating for him to be forced to take orders from a commoner.

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