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Biographical Information
Name Beretta
Aliases Ark Doll Beretta
Blessing Divine Protection of the Labyrinth
Title(s) Ramiris’s Guardian
Species Chaos Doll(formerly)

Chaos Metalloid (High Rank Divine Monster Spirit)
True Demon Lord

Evolution Ark Doll

Greater Demon(formerly)

Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Gold
Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Rank A [EP: 193,000]
Post Guardian
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 64
Beretta (ベレッタ) is a greater demon who was summoned to inhabit a golem created by Rimuru in order to protect the fairies .

Appearance Edit

Being a greater demon, Beretta is far more muscular compared to that of a lesser demon. On both sides of his head, horns protruded. His skin being black, was garbed in expensive clothing; as a result Beretta's gender cannot be determined.

A doll necessarily uses spherical joints. But surprisingly, the golem came out just as Rimuru had imagined it. In order to move the golem all that is needed is to direct magical energy into the joints. Should that be done, the golem will move. Rirumu made the face look like his mask; the golem was as large as a human. 180cm tall to be precise.

After receiving the name Beretta, it began to evolve. He first formed into a circle, but then chest, head, hips, arms, and legs formed, along with a face. His face was now hidden behind a mask and, instead of the black skin, long black hair now adorned his body. His skin was pale, and bloodless, as to be expected from a doll. As the transformation began to stop, clothing appeared. The eye slits on the mask glowed crimson. Appearing more human like, a beautiful genderless one at that.

After awakening as a True Demon Lord, Beretta's regular form became like that of a high-class work of art, with globe joints similar to that of a doll. However he can freely manipulate Adamantite, so he can change his figure as he pleases and bring out weapons of various shapes. Also, he seems to be able to absorb objects, like a slime, if he comes into contact with them. He has evolved into a terrifying metal life form (tough liquid metal) that is similar to a Spiritual Life form.

In the sequel to the WN, when Beretta travels to another world with Veldora and Ramiris, it is revealed that Beretta actually has a face exactly like Rimuru's.

Background Edit

He was summoned to inhabit a golem created by Rimuru to protect the fairies. The length of the contract is a hundred years, the time Ramiris will finally grow up. The payment for the contract was Rimuru’s magical energy, which he already received from the summoning. Afterwards, he could keep the body or throw it away. He requested that after he has protected the fairies for a hundred years, he be allowed to serve under Rimuru. And If he only promised him this, he would never bother him with another payment.

A while later when Rimuru and Ramiris were building the dungeon for Ramiris, Rimuru asked Beretta if he wanted to be Ramiris's permanent servant. As soon as he said it Beretta immediately without hesitation asked for his master to be changed.

Abilities Edit

Before being given a name and a body he was a high ranking greater demon, at least rank A-. But with a body his power risen to at least A rank. So, considering all the demonic steel Rimuru used to create the body, he’s way over rank A.

His overall strength had risen. Compared to incarnating into a monster or a human, the raw power aside, defensive abilities became far superior.

By combining saint and demonic powers, he evolved into a Chaos doll. New spirit cores awakened within his body, and by mixing with the magic ones, they became saint-demon ones.


  • Darkness Magic

Ultimate GiftEdit

Unique SkillsEdit

  • Saint Demon Union: He essentially nullifies all physical or magical attacks, combining demonic and saint powers.

Extra SkillsEdit

Battle SkillsEdit

Daily SkillsEdit

  • Omnipotent Perception
  • Demon Lord’s Haki
  • Poison
  • Paralysis
  • Corrosive Breath
  • Full Body Armor


  • Physical Attack Nullification
  • Spiritual Attack Nullification
  • Status Change Nullification
  • Natural Effects Nullification
  • Holy-Demonic (Hybrid) Attack Resistance

Relationships Edit

Ramiris Edit

Beretta was offed by Rimuru to become Ramiris’s permanent servant, when he agreed to without any hesitation. His master lock was lifted and transferred to Ramiris. Rimuru then became his sub-master. As long as nothing happens to Ramiris, Beretta will only listen to Ramiris command. Being a formal master-servant relationship, Beretta became an immortal inside the dungeon.

Rimuru Edit

Beretta possesses extremely high loyalty for Rimuru, to the point of fanatical devotion. Beretta has even declared the wish to serve Rimuru after serving Ramiris. When Beretta's mask was torn off in the after story/sequel, revealing that Beretta had the face of Rimuru, Beretta was sent into a furious state, only calming once the person he/she was about to kill said that Rimuru's face was beautiful. Beretta thus spared that person for his compliment towards Rimuru.