Arch Demon
Species Arch Demon
Alternative Names Higher Devil, Higher Demon
Rank A+ [EP: 140,000]
Web Novel Debut Chapter 70
Greater Demon
Demon Duke

Arch Demon [上位魔将アークデーモン, Joui MashouAaku-Deemon] are the pinnacle of authoritarian figures of demons. Unofficially confirmed and only existing in a few records, they are half-legendary monsters.

An Arch Demon is a resident in the spirit world as well as the physical world where humans reside, it is an existence above devils. It is a spirit being, unmoved by the forces of the world unless reincarnated. Essentially, they are on the same level as spirits.

When summoned with magical energy, all they can do is obtain a temporary physical body and function for a short duration. However, there are also those who gain a physical body in the physical world. One of the oldest demon lords is an example of such. The demon lord is certain that there are remnants of recollections of formerly being an Archdemon.

Abilities Edit

Their strength, A+, is said to be equivalent to pre-demon lord class. And their powers, remained as demon lords of legends. A single one can destroys untold numbers of towns.

In both name and reality, it is said to be the strongest of the demon lords. Against this kind of monster, even 100 greater devils will be defeated.

A demon can inspire fear into its enemies hearts and thus control the soul. While there is a chance to resist a greater demon and inferior, an archdemon doesn’t take “no” for an answer. As a result, one usually goes mad.

Making CONTRACT are typical method for demons to Grant the wish of The one who called them or individual person desire The price can be anything not necessarily with the summon offers

Known Individuals Edit

Possible Individuals Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Altought in Web Novel they are A+ Rank from Humanity's Perspective, in Truth their Magic Amount is EP: 140.000 which should be A Rank instead of A+ Rank.
  • Most Human think that Arch Demon is the Pinnacle of Demon Race before Demon Lord while in Truth after Arch Demon is Demon Noble.

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