Biographical Information
Name Apito
Blessing Storm Crest(formerly)

Great Demon Lord's Blessing

Title(s) Insect Queen
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Insect bees

Insect Model Devil

Status Alive
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Affiliation Tempest
Post 79th floor guardian(formerly)

80th floor guardian

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 146

Guardian of the 80th floor.


Looks like a bees. Also remodelled with Rimuru´s flesh like Zegion.Later Apito gained a humanoid form after evolution.


She is naïve and impulsive.


Apito and Zegion were saved by Rimuru when they were still weak and placed into the labyrinth to protect them. However, Apito became stronger and quickly become a labyrinth boss. Zegion is like a Brother to Apito

Zegion’s Harvest Festival Gift had only one receiver: Apito.

Relationships Edit





Ultimate GiftEdit

  • Queen of Worship Valkyrie
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Demon Insect Birthing
    • Demon Insect Domination
    • Ultra Speed Movement
    • Space Control
    • Multi-Layered Barrier

Unique SkillEdit

Battle SkillsEdit

  • Swarm Command
  • Lethal Attack

Daily SkillsEdit


  • Pain Immunity
  • Physical Attack Resistance
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Abnormal Status Resistance
  • Mental Attack Resistance

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