Countries Edit

Armanent Nation Dwargon

Ingracia Kingdom

Farmenas Kingdom

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion

Holy Kingdom Ruberion

Brumund Kingdom

Ruminas Valentine's Underground Vampire country

Organizations Edit

Conference Coalition

Freedom Association/Freedom Arbitration Commitee

Western Saints Church

Volunteer soldiers



Walpurgis attending Octogram

Milim Nava's Force (Karion , Frey ...)

Leon Cromwell's Magic City El Dorado

Guy Crimson's Force (Velzard , Guy's Demons...) (possibly)

Dagrule Army


Milim Nava

Gazelle Dwargo

Hero-King Farmenas / Youmu

Ruminas Valentine

Sakaguchi Hinata

Honjou Masayuki

Leon Cromwell

Guy Crimson (possibly)

  • Hirari
  • Mizari


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