Alice Rondo
Alice 2120
Biographical Information
Name Alice Rondo
Blessing Spirit of Space
Age 7
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Professional Information
Class Summoned One
Affiliation Freedom Association

Freedom Academy

Debut Information
Web Novel Debut 058

Abilities Edit

Rimuru ate the spirit Alice summoned during the spirit summoning, and transformed it using great sage. The contents were mostly of sky attribute abilities. Furthermore, after analyzing flame giant Ifrit, a pseudo-human personality had been created. Corrective ability from the unique skill great sage had been added. Due to excellent affinity, it fused with shadow step and evolved into spatial transfer. He then granted the ability to Alice.


  • Space Attribute Ability


  • She and Chloe hold affection towards their sensei, Rimuru.