My master (Rimuru)! Were you able to witness it?

Our victory is for your sake!!

—‘Ghost King' Adalman

Biographical Information
Name Adalman
Aliases Priest Adalman (formerly)
Blessing Storm Crest (formerly)
Great Demon Lord's Blessing
Title(s) Gehenna Lord (Dark Spirit King)
True Demon Lord
Ghost King (former)
Holy Fist Monk (former)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Death Spirit (Middle tier Spirit Monster)
Evolution Undead King
Eye Color No Eyes
Status Undead
Professional Information
Country Tempest
Rank A (Before Awakening)
Affiliation Tempest
Post 60th Floor Guardian (formerly)
70th Floor Guardian (currently)
Debut Information
Web Novel Debut Chapter 145

"Gehenna Lord" Adalman ["冥霊王"ゲヘナロード アダルマン, "Meiryou Ou"Gehena-Roodo Adaruman] is the guardian of the sixtieth floor in Ramiris' Labyrinth. He made Rimuru his new "god", after being transformed into an Undead King. Albert is his confident.

Personality Edit

He is very proud and when he was defeated by Krishna, he refused to accept the opportunity to evolve into a demon lord.

He is also extremely loyal to Rimuru and wishes to become better and stronger for him.

He is extremely intelligent (ironically he has no brain).

He is dedicated and kind, he trained Arnaud for several months just to help him.

Appearance Edit

He has the appearance of a ghost and has no actual physical body. His appearance is made up of mere bones, which is is quite pleasing to him. Though he is described as having meatless lips, so perhaps there is the appearnce of some flesh.

Adalman in a possessed body look like a young man with black hair, clad in jet-black priest clothes Younger version of he oldself

Background Edit

In the past, they had gone to conduct a purification with good will to prevent the outbreak of a large-scale dead-spirits disaster in the battlefield in The Great Jura Forest.

In doing so, Priest Adalman and four holy knights had gone together, but they had encountered an unexpected situation.

When they had arrived at the battlefield's remains, a Zombie Dragon an atrocious monster, was living there. Although they had succeeded in defeating the Zombie Dragon after a desperate fight, they had used up all of their strength there.

There was no one to come rescue them, since they hadn't acted on the orders of the church, but based on their own convictions. Thus, their fate was sealed, but their hearts, which wished for the peace of the Great Jura Forest caused a miracle.

Adalman’s group transformed into ghost after receiving the curse of the dead, and a large amount of magic essence. However, with their strong willpower, Priest Adalman and Holy Knight Commander Albert succeeded in keeping their egos.

The Ghost King Adalman who, had acquired the abilities of a Necromancer, was dominating the dead spirits in the surroundings, and stayed inside a cave.

That was an old story from more than several hundred years ago.

he one held the position of ‘great priest’,and had different position job before taking it he Originally a high-ranking class of priest and martial artist which was called Holy Fist Monk Because Alber When an excellent vanguard he didn’t need perform close combat as he fought against the death dragon he didn’t think that it would be effective against her who had no human form, so there were no opportunities to show those skills

Abilities Edit

  • He can summon endless ammounts of Ghost Knights and Ghost Wolves. He can also summon a Death Dragon.
  • Holy-Demonic Inversion: holy attribute is reversed into demonic attribute.
  • Has the abilities of an Necromancer.
  • Possessing: ghost to temporary have influence in the physical world can perform possession it there's no resist it would certainly succeed. The only problem was it unknown whether they could not be separate from the Possesion body
  • Undead Magic

Immortal Legion: the highest level forbidden spell of Undead Magic which uses the dead soldiers a magic transforms and turns the dead in battle regardless whether they were allies or enemies into Undead soldiers faithful to it Master command.

  • Holy Magic

Ultimate GiftEdit

  • Book of Magic Necronomicon
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Chant Annulment
    • Seeker of Truth
    • Total Analysis
    • All of Creation
    • Mental Destruction

Daily SkillsEdit

  • Universal Perception
  • Demon Lord's Haki

Battle SkillsEdit

  • Holy-Demonic Reversal
  • Manipulation of the Dead
  • Instant Death: he can kill his target just by looking. Failure to resist, means instant death


  • Physical Attack Immunity
  • Mental Attack Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Immunity
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance

Story Edit

He was assigned as a the guardian of the 60th floor.

He helped with the research and got along very well with the vampires and Ruminas. He was able to learn and improve the Day-Night Inversion. So, Ruminas taught him Holy-Demonic Inversion.

Albert defeated Arnaud during his and his holy knight's training run through the labyrinth. After Albert trained Arnaud for seveal months and his holy knights they were able to make it past the 60th floor.

Later they defeated Shinjy, Mark and Zhen even though they were high A rank adventurers.

After Rimuru learned of their improvement in their skills he moved them to the 70th floor.

He was defeated by Reiha and Krishna and thus did not feel worthy of receiving a gift of an evolution to Demon Lord. However he recieved the title of 'Gehenna Lord'

Evolution Edit

Ch. Evolution Stage Trigger for


Rank EP New Skills/Abilities
145 Priest


Ghost King Battle with Zombie Dragon A 44,000 Battle Summon:

- Endless Ghost Knights

- Endless Ghost Wolves

- Death Dragon (Wenti)

146 Taught by Ruminas Battle Holy-Demonic Inversion

Gallery Edit